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Check the terms and conditions with visa/mastercard (same owner), your local cable company, and a lot of other companies as well. If you have ever used your bank account to pay your bills, they can take any amount of money from your bank account that they want to take, even if you dont owe money to them. It's in the terms and conditions along with a lot of other things too.

If your atm card has a visa or mastercard logo on the front or back of it, that bank is owned by the owner of visa/mastercard.

visa/mastercard is owned by the chase morgan family.
You should seriously, read the terms and conditions for these companies.

Almost every place (if not every place) that makes it possible yor you to pay your bill in cash but really dificult to pay it in cash have that same thing in their user agreement.

Check for yourself, the terms and condiitions for each of these things is right there on their websites.

This is easily looked up but they really bury it inside of the agreement so most people will never take the time to read it.

But with how many times I've read that in different companies terms and conditions, it really looks like they plan on taking every one or virtually everyones money at the same time. They could take it all right now if they wanted to.

Just as a possible example.

  1. The cable company empties your bank account.
  2. you miss a credit card payment, because your bank account is empty.
  3. The credit card company takes every thing you have except for your house and car.
  4. The bank can take your house and car because you missed that payment as well.

Every bank that has the visa or mastercard logo on their atm card, is owned by the same person that owns the visa and mastercard credit card companies. visa/mastercard can empty your bank account without you owing them money.

That means the owner of your bank (if it has the visa or mastercard logo on your atm card) can empty your bank account for no reason to make you miss a loan and or mortgage payment, and then take every thing you have because you missed a payment.

The only credit card company that doesnt have this in their terms and conditions from what I have seen is american express.

If you want to cause enough chaos to whipe out a civilisation, take all of their money and every thing they have.

Every one would turn against each other in minutes. Think about how many armed robberies would happen in just the first hour.

You can check the terms and conditions on these things for yourself, it's right there.

And yes, they can actually do that, if you agree to it by signing the agreement to recieve any of those companies services.

If you agree to this by signing the agreement with any of the places that have it in anything like their user agreement or terms and conditions, they can do it.

For those of you that have been to the Debt Conspiracy page, and read this page.
You don't know the half of it about what is going to happen soon. When the wealthy read the full article, they WON'T be able to sleep.

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