A Time Traveler's Mark in Time? (no cookies)

At christ's birth the three wise men brought gold Frankincense and Mirr as gifts. Do you know why two brought incense and one brought gold?

Frankincense and Mirr were the same incenses that Jesus was wrapped in after he died. The gold was way out of place to some one at that time, but no one today questions it because these days (more than 1,700 years later) it would be normal.

This is roughly the first point in time where giving money to the parents as a gift at a baby shower wouldn't be taken as an insult by the father. No one of that time frame would have done it, let alone have helped take care of another man's child whether financially or as a father. Exceptions only being made if it's father died a very honorable death in servitude to the king, or maybe a very wealthy man.

If a person from our general point in time could time travel back through time they wouldn't miss that event nor would they know what to bring. Not to metion "the prophet of God" was predicting events through out the bible as if he was remembering what he had all ready lived. While relatively speaking with only a few exceptions, no name was given for the person other than "the prophet of God". Given the timespan it was written over, either it was a title or it was a person traveling backwards through time telling stories to well respected people about important future events.

Paul became the prophet of God after Jesus died yet was the only one to never take the time to write a book for the bible. Paul and Jesus were the only two that could speak every language simultaneously and were the only two to speak in a language no other person knew. What if that language was modern english or a language from today way ahead of its time?

Paul was also very visibly out of place for that time period. Every statue and image of Paul clearly shows that he was not only way older than the average life expectancy of that time, but that he was almost double the maximum possible age during that time period.

There are a lot of things like that in different cultures and religions.

Native americans have a prophecy about an english person that they will call white buffalo, that will speak and understand every language including thiers as if it was their own language without having to learn those languages. That is the only part of their beliefs that coincide with biblical events other than a person being very "spiritual" with a very bright white energy.

Black people have a prophechy of their own about a white person they call brer rabbit, same deal about languages, but says he will be truly blind to race, lead a revolution and end racism.

The funny thing is every major race, religion, culture, and group that has been around for at least a couple hundred years has a prophecy including freemasons the illuminati and slayers. Each one has parts that over lap and none of them contradict each other.

A lot of religions and groups believe one person of their prophecy will be so enlightened that they will literally glow like a bright light. That part of their prophecy on it also exactly matches the buddhists zenists and a bunch of others. These are just a few of many examples.

In reference to DR. Who.
It's like some one pulled an actual Bad Wolf about themself while time traveling.
Who are you. the doctor. doctor who? exactly!
A lot like.
Knock knock, whos there, doctor, doctor who? exactly!
As if he was telling a type of joke that didn't exist yet. What if that and the bad wolf season was based on a real Him and Doctor Who was the last part of the real Bad Wolf thing?

Das Illuminus Nati
Stephon Orikal

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